This social post goes to my fitness industry friend, Cody Plofker.

Him and his awesome GF, Payal Patel own Adapt Performance and Rehab. 

His post gives you 5 things that you/your clients should do if they want to work hard AND stay healthy while doing it.

Training hard has been demonized in the past.

There’s nothing I hate more than seeing trainers lift zero weights with their clients and never challenging them.

As a coach you’ve gotta learn how to individually push people. Enough to make a change in their body. Enough to load their system. People are totally capable of training hard, they just have to earn it 🙂

The problem is, people want don’t want to train hard, or they don’t want to do whats necessary to stay healthy while training hard. How do you get people to buy in? Leave it in the comments bellow! I would love to share your ideas 🙂

Until next time 🙂


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