You miss out on helping a lot of people if you aren’t a good educator.

Hey, I’m Lucy, and I aim to be every coach’s dream come true. After mentoring coaches of so many varying skill levels, I’ve discovered two things: (a) even coaches need coaching, and (b) I like coaching other coaches.

I just want to make your life easier. I enjoy helping coaches leverage their strengths and avoid the recurring pain of problems that won’t disappear.

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Do Your Clients Get Better On Their Own Time?

Do you have clients who would benefit from doing basic moves at home? What about clients who are going on vacation and need a reminder of what to do before they train?

Sample of client exercise sheets

I have over 15 exercise sheets I want to gift you. Change them up. Put your own pictures there. Use it as a template for your own exercises. Do whatever you want with them! And when I update the list, you’ll get those updates, too.

What’s Your Weakness?

Do you have to get better at demoing? Execution/coaching? Understand the appropriate time to apply things? Speaking in client language vs trainer talk?

I have countless hours of video to help you improve your coaching and get better client buy-in. No more uncertainty; it’s time to improve your coaching skills, minimize your challenges, and find out what works well for you.

Screenshots from my tutorials
Let Me Help You Right Now, For Free