I wasn’t raised like the regular American kid.

When I was in elementary school in Guatemala, my brother and I were not allowed to eat gluten, added sugar, dairy and other random foods.

That might seem normal since everyone seems to be gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, or everything-free nowadays. However, I want you to keep it in mind that this was almost 2 decades ago.

NO ONE was talking about this stuff.

The gut issues my brother and I were having led to multiple “leaky gut” lectures from my mom. Definitely not the regular preteen conversation to have with your child, but I am now extremely grateful my mom did.

Not only was my brother having serious gut problems, but his temper was also a huge issue. My mother connected the foods people ate to common childhood behavior issues. Through diet and lifestyle changes, she managed most of my brother’s problems without medication.

When all my teenage friends began using girly perfumes, lotions, hairsprays, and deodorants, I wasn’t allowed to wear any of it. Chemicals or artificial fragrances weren’t entering our home. The toxic chemicals in these products could impact my hormones and health for the rest of my life.

When my friends got sick, they would go to the doctor, take antibiotics, and return to school a few days later. But when we got sick, we had to support our immune system naturally with rest. 9 times out of 10, we’d get better without medication.

When all my friends started getting acne, gaining weight, and not performing well in school, they were put on acutane, birth control, and Adderall. Mom gave me the Adderall known as fish oil and said I would never have the skin and mental problems my friends had if I kept my gut healthy.

We learned that everything we put in our mouth either helped our body heal or contributed to disease. Every problem had a root cause, you just had to search for it. Disease doesn’t randomly appear overnight, and never has a quick fix.

Good health was earned.

Mom taught me that though medications exist for certain problems, that doesn’t mean they’re the ‘only’ answer. This was extremely hard to believe since no other parent thought this way.

Thanks to my mom, at 10 years old I was more informed on healthy living than most kids and parents. I already knew there was a powerful connection between gut and brain health. I knew what leaky gut was, and I was able to differentiate between grains that had gluten and their less inflammatory counterparts. I knew how to read labels on products. I knew how to support my immune system when sick.

When it came to teaching me how to live a healthy life, my mom was the BEST teacher.  

Parents are our first teachers in life. They not only teach us with life experiences, but equip us with the knowledge required to stay healthy for a lifetime.

However, how would you learn what constitutes healthy and to take responsibility for whatever happens to your body if you were never raised with a mother like mine?

I get goose bumps when I remember those times. The loving acts that seemed wicked. The caring lady that seemed overbearing. As a child, I thought it was unfair and embarrassing, because it made my life a little harder. Not knowing that it was a blessing in disguise.

I didn’t realize how lucky I was for being raised this way until I got into the health and fitness industry. If you ask any adult what it takes to be healthy, and what true health looks like, they will give you the answer that was planted in their head when they were young. Sadly, the answer is most likely misguided and incorrect.

Today, I find myself doing what my mom did to me—teaching others what it takes to be healthy.

Finding true health takes a multifactorial approach that requires an understanding on how the body works as a whole.  I help clients sift through all the misinformation that will provide little to no results at best, harm at worst.

No one is aware of how much money is going towards misleading propaganda, purposely trying to guide us in a direction where you completely lose control of what happens to your health. Most food companies out there are for-profit organizations, putting revenue first and consumer health last.

We live in a world where everyone reaches for over-the-counter drugs every time there’s a problem, without awareness of the consequences.

If the people who succumb to these tricks had a teacher like my mom, who taught them the consequences of living life by masking the symptom instead of finding out the root of a problem, their stories would be different.

Knowledge is power, and most are not equipped with the tools needed to live a healthy life. Consequently, they fall for big pharma’s gimmicky marketing. After all, if you are never taught to be skeptical, you would never ask the most important question; WHY?

WHY does my stomach bloat?

WHY am I gaining weight?

WHY do I have to use this drug?

Unlike the usual beliefs, the answer to those questions are not a deficiency in Pepto-Bismol, Advil, Acutance, a knee brace, tiger balm, or a belly wrap.

We live in a disconnected world. Separated from our own bodies.  A world where parents ask their kids which fast food place they would love to have for dinner. Where pizzas are ordered a couple of nights a week. Where the average American eats 0-1 servings of veggies a day. Where breakfast tastes like dessert, and cooking is a rare skill to have. We have a fitness culture promoting extreme workouts as the answer to our obesity problem.

How can we change the way people think???

We are a very uneducated society that is in need of leaders willing to help make a change. We need people who are willing to to teach and help others think for themselves.

Could that be a Personal Trainer?

You could be the personal trainer that only teaches their clients how to exercise, OR you can be the trainer that doesn’t stop educating themselves and looks at all aspects of their client’s lives.

Personal trainers can be the frontline to getting this sick world healthy. Our society’s health as a whole is not going in the right direction, and we need all the help we can get.

This site is to help you become the teacher your clients never had.

It’s about teaching you how to turn each training session into a teaching opportunity.

If every single personal trainer took a stand and decided that they were going to teach their client how to live a healthy life and what to do when a problem arises, there would be a massive decrease in all diseases, especially those that are lifestyle related.

You could be the teacher they never had.

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