The way people perceive us doesn’t always = reality. 

Different groups will perceive you differently. 

In certain groups in the industry I’m perceived as someone who doesn’t take lifting seriously, and I’ve been reminded my job is to drive fitness. 

In other groups I’m perceived as someone who takes lifting and getting people strong too seriously, and I’ve been reminded that my job is to make things fun. 

I used to care so much about what people in the industry thought about me, I let it impact my gym’s website and content. 

Fortunately, I just happened to train a copywriter who offered to help me. He pointed out the pictures and the message behind my content wasn’t speaking to my market. 

That’s when I realized what I was doing. I cared too much about how others in the industry were perceiving me. 

At the time I wasn’t making any money by coaching coaches so worrying so much was a complete waste of time. 

If coaches don’t pay your bills, don’t waste your energy trying to defend the way some perceive you. Even if they’re wrong. 

The only perception you should care about is your clients’. Because if their’s is wrong, it DOES matter. 

What coaches on IG think of you, DOESN’T MATTER. 

Are you clients happy? Do people stay with you for a long time? Is your client satisfaction high? 

If so, it doesn’t matter if the person on IG thinks you care to much about x, y, and z.

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