Are You Providing The Learning Environment For Your Clients to Have the Best Experience?

What does a classroom have in common with the training floor?

Answer: Not much, because our industry doesn’t teach coaches how to be great educators. This limits our ability to provide a learning environment for our clients that results in a better experience for them.

Educators, teachers, and professors all follow a process when It comes to structuring their day/lessons. 

They follow a sequence of progressive steps during each classroom, to make sure all students follow along and get to the desired outcome. 

It’s the structure that facilitates every student’s learning experience. It makes sure there are no boxes left unchecked throughout the classroom, allowing everyone to progress. 

The education industry has this process down. It’s how they’re able to take people from kindergarten where they know nothing, all the way to graduating college and beyond.

The fitness industry kind of sucks at this. 

There are only a couple people I know in our bubble of the industry who have mastered the process of what it takes to educate others.  

Tony Giuliano and Levi Kirkpatrick are those people. 

They don’t know each other but they’re weirdly similar. They both are incredibly gifted when it comes to creating and implementing systems. 

What they’re great at, are skillsets many coaches are not good at.

How do I know this? Because almost everyone I know has spent thousands of dollars in mentoring groups, consultants, and done-for-you products, all to get help building systems….

To only end up using 1% of them and never following through with any of them.

(I’m not ashamed to say I’m one of those coaches)

It makes so much sense why these two are great at teaching. Educating is all about building and following a model that systematically delivers material in a way that facilitates learning. 

If we go back to our original question: 

What does a classroom have in common with the training floor?

Both are set up as a learning environment.

Students are going to learn math, spelling, and history. Clients are going to learn how to squat, deadlift, and sprint. 

The structure of these two should be very similar.

On December 13th at 10AM EST, Tony will be showing you how to structure your training sessions the same way he would set up an educational class for his interns. 

You don’t want to miss out of learning from Tony! He’s one of the best I’ve seen, which says a lot because my standards are impossible to reach ?

After Tony takes you through his process shows you his model, I’ll be bringing awareness to a few reasons why you may fail implementing a new model. Like the one Tony will be showing you.

Here are the questions I’ll be answering during my part of the talk: 

What are a few diverse skillsets or uncommon things that lead to failure when implementing a model? 

What could we learn about Dave Chappelle that would make the training session go well?

Is it the face you’re making why clients don’t understand you?

What other topics should we be learning that goes beyond biomechanics and coaching that are impacting your training sessions?

Interested in attending?

REGISTER HERE! If you can’t attend the live webinar, you will be emailed the recording 🙂

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