The Only Perception You Should Care

The way people perceive us doesn’t always = reality. 

Different groups will perceive you differently. 

In certain groups in the industry I’m perceived as someone who doesn’t take lifting seriously, and I’ve been reminded my job is to drive fitness. 

In other groups I’m perceived as someone who takes lifting and getting people strong too seriously, and I’ve been reminded that my job is to make things fun. 

I used to care so much about what people in the industry thought about me, I let it impact my gym’s website and content. 

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Social Media, Learning & The Fitness Industry

🤯🚨Did you know coaches can seem to have opposing views, but with the right amount of context, they’re actually saying the same thing? (Like the example I joke about in the video)

Did you know coaches can train very similar to each other and disagree on many topics?

And lastly, did you know coaches can train very differently, and both get amazing results?

As an industry we’ve got some badddd habits around how we consume information.

On top of that, we all have a social media addiction where it’s easy to blindly follow the people you admire, without ever questioning them.

A study done at Columbia University found that 59% of links shared on social media were never clicked on. People simply reshare information without checking the content.

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Should Your Client’s Warm-up Be Meditative?

You client walks into the gym with 24905830945 things on their mind.

  • Endless chores
  • picking the kids
  • work deadlines
  • weekend plans
  • vacation plans
  • doctor appointments
  • vet appointments
  • health issues
  • meal planning
  • car maintenance

All of those things could be going on at once.

As a society, we really struggle being in the present moment.

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My 20’s Are Over

This year I learned vacation-Lucy is someone I can always be. 

In the past, when I went on vacation, I was a completely different person. 

I was more joyful because in that moment I didn’t have the mental endless to-do list running through my head. 

I felt grateful for mother nature. I spent more time admiring my surroundings because I was usually in a touristy place like a national park or tropical destination 

I had enough energy to abundantly give others my time and undivided attention, making me a better lover and friend. 

What happened to me on vacations was healing. 

I think we all experience this. 

We fill up our cups, we do all the things we’re supposed to do, and we become a better version of our selves. 

Until we go back to our non-vacation lives. 

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