My 20’s Are Over

This year I learned vacation-Lucy is someone I can always be. 

In the past, when I went on vacation, I was a completely different person. 

I was more joyful because in that moment I didn’t have the mental endless to-do list running through my head. 

I felt grateful for mother nature. I spent more time admiring my surroundings because I was usually in a touristy place like a national park or tropical destination 

I had enough energy to abundantly give others my time and undivided attention, making me a better lover and friend. 

What happened to me on vacations was healing. 

I think we all experience this. 

We fill up our cups, we do all the things we’re supposed to do, and we become a better version of our selves. 

Until we go back to our non-vacation lives. 

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Social Media is Ruining the Industry

Ok. Maybe that title is a little overstated, but I think there’s some truth to it. 

Social media has definitely ruined free content when it comes to educating coaches to be better coaches on the training floor. Which is my bread and butter. 

Consuming free blog posts and videos were a huge part of my weekly coaching routine when I first got into the industry. 

I’d print out monster articles that were 5–15 pages long from people like Mike Robertson and Lance Goyke. I’d spend hours highlighting and taking notes, figuring out how I was going to apply the information I had just learned. 

In my earlier years in the industry, I felt like I was CONSTANTLY learning. However, my version of always taking in new information is different than how coaches are educating themselves these days. 

When I first got started, I was going to 2–3 seminars a year, buying 1–2 new products, and digesting 1–3 long articles a week from credible blogs. 

The primary form of learning for coaches in today’s society is by consistently being glued to social media, jumping from one webinar to another, and joining every mentoring group that is launched but not actually participating.

Everyone is just trying to keep up with everyone else on social media #alwayslearning. 

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The Training Floor is Your Classroom (FREE WEBINAR)

Are You Providing The Learning Environment For Your Clients to Have the Best Experience?

What does a classroom have in common with the training floor?

Answer: Not much, because our industry doesn’t teach coaches how to be great educators. This limits our ability to provide a learning environment for our clients that results in a better experience for them.

Educators, teachers, and professors all follow a process when It comes to structuring their day/lessons. 

They follow a sequence of progressive steps during each classroom, to make sure all students follow along and get to the desired outcome. 

It’s the structure that facilitates every student’s learning experience. It makes sure there are no boxes left unchecked throughout the classroom, allowing everyone to progress. 

The education industry has this process down. It’s how they’re able to take people from kindergarten where they know nothing, all the way to graduating college and beyond.

The fitness industry kind of sucks at this. 

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