This week goes to a man that every single fitness entrepreneur needs to follow.

Pat Rigsby. 

When it comes to building a successful business, following people like Pat will save you a lot of trouble and save you a lot of time. He has done it all. Whatever you’re struggling with in your business, Pat probably has a video, product, or seminar on how to do it.

He’s the real deal! The advice he gives trainers is pure gold. If you’re not following him, you’re missing out.

How’s the culture at your gym? What would you add to this list? Does everyone at your gym have the same vision and core values? Do you struggle getting people on the same page?

The students I work with are starting their leadership and business class mid june. The first thing we’re doing is developing their personal core values that they will now try to match with their future employer. It’s not fair for the employee and the employer to have a completely different core values and vision.

If you’re wanting to get everyone on the same page at your gym, do all the little things that seemed silly, but are actually EXTREMELY important, Pat has you covered on his Virtual Fitness Mastermind  ->

Every time I tell my story about how I got started in the industry, I have to thank Pat. At 19 I attended one of his seminars in Louisville. Where I chugged two glasses of wine to build up the courage to introduce myself to Mike Robertson. Mike had just done a presentation that completely changed the direction I was going with my career.

Mike was so nice he invited me to dinner with his group where I met the people that ended up being my biggest mentors in the industry.

and now, here I am, trying to make this industry better, raise the bar for the personal trainer, connect people to the best in fitness, and of course, rattle the cage 🙂


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