My least favorite part about my job has been to write my bios for my speaking events, describing my services on my business’ website, coming up with workshop descriptions, or writing marketing adds.

It has caused me many miserable hours and many tears because who loves selling and talking about themselves? No one, other than Donald Trump.

I would sometimes ask someone else to do it, and it would end up being cheezy AF, leaving me feeling gross about what I had to offer.

Fortunately, thanks to my friend, Lance Goyke, I discovered that people actually can be hired to write all of these things for you.

How many of you know what Copywriting is?

Did you know it’s career choice and people make a shit ton of money doing it?

I didn’t until last year and it has changed EVERYTHING for me.

It started out with me hearing about it, and then a client offered up his services, and in a nutshell, he basically told me the descriptions on my website sucked. He never actually said those words but he made me realize that the description about my business was not specific enough, it wasn’t grasping the right people, it was cheesy, and it wasn’t bringing anyone in.

With his help, we were able change my website around but unfortunately, I still have to write bios, workshop descriptions, facebook post, emails, and I can’t afford to pay a copywriter $$$ to do all my writing for me.

Because of this, I decided to do some digging and work on a skill that I clearly sucked at, and chances are, you do too.

I didn’t find many resources in the industry (if you know of any, please share!) but the few that I found helped me a ton.

The first one was part of Pat Rigsby’s Virtual Mastermind. Justin Yule did a whole section on copywriting, that I overlooked for months until I found out what Copywriting was.

He gives you a lot of templates that I was able to tweak around. I also used his templates to practice writing some of my own.

Joey Percia was another person I stumbled upon. Jon Goodman mentioned him on one his facebook groups and if Jon thinks he’s good, that’s all I needed to know to start following his work. I read one Joey’s articles on his website which really helped! Joey also has a pretty solid online course for fitness pros if you’re interested in digging deeper than just a few articles and videos.

Neville Medhora is not in the fitness industry but he has some really great content. I highly suggest reading his blog and signing up for his newsletter. He is always sending tips that help you with your writing.

Learning about Copywriting has even helped me with my teaching job at the personal training school. I’m able to deliver my message across with more clarity and get certain responses out of people and the cool thing is, I haven’t put that much time into learning about it, unlike Lance that took a 90 day course on it!

Can you imagine every person walking into your gym being exactly who you want them to be?

Because that can happen when the writing about your business is done correctly.

Your target market would read about your business and they would see themselves as they read through it. It would make them go “that’s me”, “that’s where I belong!” or “those are my goals!”

Over the last four months every new client that has walked into the door has have been perfectly carved for us. They’re exactly who we want to work with and we’re exactly who they want to train with.

How many clients are you losing because they’re not seeing themselves when they read about your business?

If you’re wanting to get the right people in the door, do a little learning, take a course, or hire someone like Lance that will write it for you.

I hope this was helpful!

Until next time 🙂




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