For this week’s post, it’s not technicality a social media post but it definitely has been said all over social media so that counts, right? I really wanted to highlight someone you should be following if you’re a personal trainer.

I mostly highlight coaches you should follow because they’ll make you better at coaching. Having all the knowledge and the skills that it takes to be great  on the training floor is crucial. There’s no way around it, if you want to successful, you have to be a good coach, you have to do a good job.

But how will you let everyone know about it? How are the right people going to find you? And how are you going to set yourself apart?!

That’s what trainers suck at the most. They suck at marketing. They suck at selling. They suck at communicating and making their training meaningful for each client.

Think of all the missed opportunities because you were not good at back-end of things, or your ability to communicate with the right people.

That’s where Jon Goodman’s work comes in, because being a good coach is not enough to make it in this industry.

So for today’s social post, I wanted to highlight Jon’s two golden rules:

Get great results, and let everyone know about it.

Easier said than done.

Unless you find someone like Jon who shows you what to do.

I was introduced to his work during my first year as a trainer. My old employer, Molly Galbraith told me it’d be a good idea to follow his work, so I did 🙂

I read most of his books.

Got his online certification.

And I can honestly say if it weren’t for what I’ve learned through his work, you wouldn’t be reading my blog, I wouldn’t have had the privilege to continuously speak about what I’m passionate about, and I would probably be struggling right now as a personal trainer.

I believe in his work so much that I created a 48 hour class that is mostly based on his book, Ignite the Fire. I shove it down all my students throats because I want them to be successful. I want them to be introduced to content and his network right in the beginning from their career. I see it as a gift 😉

(In their head they’re probably like  “OKAY, Lucy. We get it. we’ll follow people like Jon Goodman, Ben House, Pat Davidson, and Robb Wolf. We promise. You can stop telling us how awesome they are”)

So if you’re not following his work, what’re you waiting for?

You wont regret it.

Online Trainer 

Personal Training Development Center


Until next time 🙂






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