I sat down to write our Client of the Month’s description which should be about a paragraph long, but it ended up being TWO PAGES long.

What I wrote about this client mirrors how we feel towards all of our clients. Especially during our recent transitions and future plans for Enhancing Life and Holistic Fitness Connector (changing my name soon BTW. I just have to get my shit together).

I wanted to share what I wrote because as a consumer of my blog, you should also be thankful for my clients because HFC would not be possible without their support <3


Owning your own business pushes you to learn about marketing. Marketing tactics across multiple industries put a huge emphasis on finding your “target market” and learning how to speak to them. 

Target Market could be described as your “Ideal client”. If you were to wave a magic wand, what kind of client would you want at your business?

At Enhancing Life, we came up with ours and embraced the idea that not everyone would be onboard with our unconventional way of thinking. Especially since not all gyms promote the same message. 

Learning about our “ideal client” is probably one of the best things we ever did. 

It’s an amazing feeling going into work being surrounded by our target market. It seems the people who join our community, were made for us, just as much as Enhancing Life was made for them. 

That’s how we felt when Jocelyn joined Enhancing Life earlier this year. She is October’s Client of the Month! 

Our appreciation towards her mirrors how we feel towards our diverse gym community. 

The change in the fitness industry we’re pushing for is not easy. We push for the unsexy, hard to sale, slow, messy, filled with setbacks and uncertainties, sustainable approach to health. 

WOOOO uncertainties, set-backs, meditation, and vegetables! – Said no one ever

The support clients like Jocelyn give us, fuels our drive to continue encouraging people to chase sustainable results and stay away from quick fixes and extreme lifestyle changes that are not realistic to keep up. 

We couldn’t be more grateful to have Jocelyn, and everyone else at Enhancing Life, committed to go through this long messy road of figuring out ourselves and what me need as humans to thrive. 

Jocelyn was looking for a gym that could help her work around the limitations/injuries she was recovering from. Lucky for her, that is our specialty! No matter what people are recovering from or chronic pain or autoimmune disease they’re going through, we’ve created a safe place for them to move their body and progressively get stronger without the fear of (re)injuring themselves. 

Since Jocelyn started with us, a lot has changed! She is feeling stronger and increasing the amount of weight she is lifting each week. Her right knee is moving almost as well as her left one. She has more energy, feels more resilient, and has more confidence in what her body is capable of doing. 

But here’s the best part!!…getting people enjoying exercise is easy, getting people lifting weights pain free is easy, telling people stress management should be a priority is also easy. 

Do you know what’s hard? So hard most gyms would never even try in pursuing? Actually getting people building a sustainable meditative practice. That’s a whole other ball game.

Thanks to Jocelyn and other clients, we’re slowly figuring out that ball game. We have almost half our clients participating in the current meditation challenge. What an amazing start making mental health a priority and destigmatizing the struggles people go through. We definitely did not get all of these people on board without client’s like Jocelyn.  

Not only has Jocelyn integrated meditation into her life, she has also helped others by showing up to our meditation group, sharing her struggles, showing other’s her support, and encouraging those around her to keep going when they’re doubting themselves. 

The gym wouldn’t be the same without her…

But I also want to go as far as saying, the fitness industry will one day not be the same BECAUSE of clients like her and others at Enhancing Life. 

Our hope is that one day, our unconventional ways are the new normal in gym communities all over the globe. If we want our society’s health to transform, people need the support from others in a community setting. 

Gyms have the opportunity to be that place. 

The future of healthcare has to start somewhere, and I’m so thankful for people like Jocelyn and other’s at Enhancing Life for making it happen. 

  1. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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