Is it important to see people like you in a position of influence? Is it really that important for people who don’t look like you to feel represented in this industry?


Can we acknowledge we have a problem and voice our concerns about our industry’s leaders without creating an “us vs them“?


I took this quote from White Fragility and changed “political system” to “fitness industry”

“The Identities of those sitting at the table of power in this fitness industry have remained remarkable similar: white, male, middle- and upper-class, able-bodied. 

The decisions made at those tables affect the lives of those not at the tables. 

Exclusion by those at the table doesn’t depend on willful intent; We don’t have to intend to exclude for the results of our actions to be exclusion. While implicit bias is always at play because all human have bias, inequity can occur simply through homogeneity; If I am not aware of the barriers you face, then I won’t see them, much less be motivated to remove them.”

White Fragility- Robin Diangelo

An industry who doesn’t represent everyone leaves people not feeling heard or understood.

A better industry for everyone means it’s one where everyone feels represented. It’s important to look at people at the top and see those who share your race, sexual orientation, culture, struggles, fears, past experiences….etc

During my FFA talk, I share my own struggles to show anyone who is dealing with mental illness knows, they’re being represented.

When we join the industry we are sold solutions to help people achieve their health and fitness goals, and the illusion that it will be easy. Never once were we told our industry doesn’t actually help everyone and makes it safe for all people to be a part of it.

Never once were we told our industry doesn’t actually help everyone and makes it safe for all people to be a part of it. We’re not told how complex the human body is, and how many factors out of our control will impact our client’s ability to be healthy.

We’re all put in a lose-lose situation.

What we expect clients to do and what they expect us to be able to help them with, are all based on a faulty foundation that our industry created.

To add to the losing situation, we’re unable to have difficult conversation to make meaningful change in this industry. We back off at the first sign of discomfort and then nothing changes.

We no longer talk about how racial inequality can be affecting your clients.

We no longer talk about how trauma can be affecting your clients.

We no longer talk about how mental illness can be affecting your clients.

We no longer talk about how autoimmune disease is affecting your clients.

We no longer can talk about how we should all change our approach to dealing with clients and we continue with the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality.

If you’re in the industry to make people healthy, we have to talk about race inequality, different sexual orientations, periods, poop, trauma, mental illness, autoimmune disease…etc

It has to get messy and uncomfortable.

We tell clients to get out of their comfort zone and just push through challenging times (training sessions). It’s time for us to do the same.

Want to start making this industry a better place for everyone? Watch my presentation I did for the Female Fitness Alliance! Below you’ll see the intro.

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This presentation will challenge you to redefine what it means to be in this industry and show you all the opportunities you have to make this industry a better place for everyone. 

When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Which means I can’t do this alone. The goal here is not just to get my perspective of how this industry can be better. I got my long list, but the true goal is to push you to look for other’s as well. during my talk I asked people to answered “Why is representation from people on top important?”

Here are their answers <3

Helps to guarantee authenticity


Reciprocity. Sense of belonging/worthiness


Because no one benefits when they feel alone


It is important because you know you’re not alone, connecting, and growth


To normalize imperfections


The influencers pour into the people that follow them and either validate or invalidate them


It is important because there is no one size fits all


People follow those who lead by example


Because I learn best what I can do and what I’m capable of and more importantly HOW to do things, but learning from others and realizing that I too can do that too


There is someone you can trust and look up to


Make success feel attainable


Show everyone that they are capable


We want to feel equal and like our goal is attainable, so seeing like you is comforting and reassuring


Connection, relatability


Because they are role models and we strive to become like them.


Because when you are dealing with mental illness you need to know that you can reach out to the top and be heard and not judged. Feel free to ask questions and lean in a space of respect


Different ideas and walks of life are voiced


Normalization and connection


Be an inspiration for those you seek for it!


Everyone’s story is valid and worthy of sharing


Knowing there are many paths to sucess


Give guidance and direction when feeling lost or confused with to many options


I think that it’s important to have representation because it’s taken me approx. 30 years to recognize that my imposter syndrome held me back and that if I had a strong powerful women to look up at as a young woman, then I wouldn’t have taken so much time to try to be someone else.


They influence the thoughts and beliefs of those learning and following


What we see everyday/repeatedly influences what we understand as “normal”. And if “success” doesn’t “normally” look like me, then trying to achieve it immediately feels outside of what I should strive for. Living outside of the “shoulds” brings about immense shame and guilt.


It changes lives. Gives hope and inspiration. A sense of connection. I can do this too. I am not alone. Representation is SO IMPORTANT.


Knowing that what is the conceived “normal” doesn’t limit your own capabilities


People with my background and ethnicity can also be seen as a professional and what we have to say matters


Knowing you’re not the first person to experience something


Fewer social, political, and economic issues will be overlooked if more diversity of people are represented at the top.


 I think representation from people at the top is important because people at the top set the tone for the industry. For example, in the past, the tone has been “white cis men” can be successful coaches. Same goes for body shapes.


Representation matters because trainers come from all types of backgrounds and so do our clients. We need different voices in the room in order to serve as many people as possible.


If you can see it, you can be it.

There’s hope that people who look like you can understand your experience and stand for those issues.


Feeling like we’re supposed to have ALL the answers—especially regarding nutrition and ‘fast fat loss’ lately


Not everyone is the same, having diversity is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Similar to what you’re saying, knowing you’re not alone and having others to connect with that share your stories, because not every story is the same, but we share similarities


It shows they are the same as us


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